Monday, January 21, 2013

How to Sell on Craigslist Quickly

Selling things of Craigslist
I love Craigslist! I have purchased much of my furniture through CL and scored some really great deals. It can be addicting looking through the ads. There is a lot of neat stuff out there. 

I have also sold items that we just don't need or don't have room for anymore, like strollers, a toy box, furniture, clothing, toys, etc. There is nothing I have listed that hasn't sold. Most times my items sell quickly (within 2 weeks).

What's my secret? Nothing. I just list my items the way I would want them to be listed if I was looking to buy. That's it. 

Here's what I do.

1. Stage it.
     No one wants to see my other junk around the item. As a buyer, I have passed on some amazing deals because the seller had too much mess around the item and I have to wonder what kind of environment I may be visiting.  I clear everything out of the way to let my item be the star. 

2. Take great pictures. 
     If possible, I take the item outside. Things seem to look better in the natural light. This is a picture of a dining room table I recently sold. See how nice and crisp the photo is? And the more picture, the better. 
dining table sold on craiglist, how to sell on craigslist
3. Write a detailed description of the item.
     Ask yourself what you would want to know about it. Things like dimensions, age, manufacturer, condition, and whether it has been in a nonsmoking environment are all things buyers want to know.

4. Be honest.
     If there are defects or issues with the item, state it in the ad and show it in a photo. Be upfront about it. This will save you and your buyer time. 

5. Add tag words.
     Every word in your ad is searchable by Craigslist. Think of words that buyers for your item may be searching and ad them in your ad. If you can't fit in naturally in the description, add them to the bottom of the page in a list form.

6. Be Realistic About the Price.
     Craigslist shoppers are looking for a bargain. If you paid $3000 for a dining set, don't expect to get even half of that. Ask yourself what you would be willing to pay for that same used item. Even if you have only used the item a few times, it is still used.

7. Appear Friendly
    Words like "Price is Firm" and "I will not respond to emails" make you sound unreasonable and hard to deal with. You may want to avoid these. Many people write them, but many people don't sell their items either.

8. Respond Quickly
     Buyers want to hear from you quickly or they'll move on to the next item. Check your emails often. If I am selling, I check my email once an hour. You can leave your phone number in the ad. If you do, expect people to text you. Many people don't like to call, so make sure you are ready to accept any texting charges. 

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