Friday, March 22, 2013

Two Tone White Campaign Dresser

Campaign furniture is my current obsession. I admit it. So when I found these Campaign dressers with hutches on Craigslist,  I was very excited.
Dixie Campaign Dresser with hutch
I raced over to purchase them before anyone else spotted them advertised. To my dismay, the owner was a heavy smoker and the furniture reeked of smoke. I had second thoughts about buying them, but they were so inexpensive and were made by Dixie, I took the risk and bought them. I wasn't sure I could completely remove the smoke smell, but I wanted to give it a shot.

Fast Forward to today. I was able to get the smoke smell out completely (more about how I did that in here). I wasn't crazy about the hutches, so I removed them. I decided to tackle the larger one first. I'm saving the smaller one to paint for my son's room. 

Well anyway, I liked the grain of the wood on the drawer fronts, so I stripped them with Citristrip and restained them to a dark walnut and finished them in a gloss Polyurethane. The Polyurethane made them shine and look more modern. 

I painted the body of the dresser in White Linen by Benjamin Moore and finished it in Polyacrylic in satin. An overnight soaking in vinegar made the hardware shine and removed the years of nicotine build-up.

Here she is in all her glory. See the shine? 
Two tone campaign dresser by Dixie
 Sorry the pictures are so grainy. I am upgrading to a DSLR. It's in the mail. Can't wait!
Two Tone Campaign Dresser by Dixie

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