Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Henry Link Armoire Question

Ok. I recently was lucky enough to buy (for cheap) a vintage Henry Link armoire. It needs a little refinishing, but it's in great shape. I love the asian inspired brass hardware! Anyway, here she is.
Henry Link asian armoire / wardrobe
Here's my dilemna....
It has burl wood on the cabinet and drawer insets and I think I should keep them exposed and not paint over them. I'm thinking of stripping and restaining them. But I'm having trouble deciding on the paint color.  I've narrowed the possibilities down to two.

1. Paint the cabinet part black and restain the drawer fronts just a tad bit darker like the one from Furnish Me Vintage below.
Vintage asian armoire from Furnish Me Vintage

2. Paint the cabinet an orangey-red and restain the burl wood in a dark walnut color. The color would be similar to the one below from the Silk Road Connection. The cabinet and drawer fronts would be similar in color to the hardware on this armoire.
Orange asian armoire from the Silk Road Connection
I am leaning towards one of them. I don't want to say yet because I first want your honest opinion. Which look should I go for? 

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