Monday, January 21, 2013

Cleaning Brass Drawer Pulls

I pulled brass Chippendale drawer pulls off an old 1960s dresser. The pulls had years and years of tarnish. So much so, I wasn't quite sure they were brass. I pulled out my trusty magnet and the magnet was not attracted to the pulls. Definitely brass. They were ugly and needed cleaning desperately. I wish I had a picture of what they looked like, but trust me, they were horribly tarnished.

I had heard that letting them soak in vinegar works to remove tarnish. It didn't work for me. A little came off, but definitely not enough to notice much shine.

This is what worked.
How to Clean Brass with Bar Keepers Friend
I do not get paid for recommending this product. 
It worked well, but it was not easy. I let the pulls soak in warm water mixed with BKF for over an hour in a plastic tub. Then I pulled out each one and scubbed each vigorously with a toothbrush and BKF paste I mixed together. Each pull took at least 5 minutes to clean, but the gunk came off. 

This is what my work surface looked like when I was through. See all the dark tarnish that came off? Yuck!
How to clean brass drawer pulls
I had 8 pulls to clean. Minus the soaking time, it took me at least 45 minutes of scrubbing to get all of them looking like this.
brass drawer pull

vintage chippendale brass pulls
Real brass is actually quite pretty. 

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